Amazon Product Photographer

Amazon Product Photography There is no question that Amazon is one of the most important marketplaces for businesses looking to sell their products online nowadays. There are so many benefits to making use of Amazon, and this is something you’re going to need to make the most of right now. As a blossoming business with a stellar product to sell, you need to think about how best to market it and get it out to a mass audience.Amazon product photography is one of the key ways of allowing you to do this, and it can really help to improve your chances of selling your product. Product photography can make a massive difference to the brand, and to the lifestyle choices you are trying to promote. This is why you have got to understand the benefits of a professional product, and if you want to get an Amazon product that stands out, you need to hire an Amazon product photographer. Here are some things to consider, as well as why it is important to take action here. Quality is King It’s evident that quality is King when it comes to online content, particularly visual content. If you want to sell a product on Amazon, you need to have professional studio quality images and photos. It is important for you to get the perfect freelancer to make your Amazon listings shine, and who can help you improve your business and help the products you need to sell to stand out. You can’t afford to compromise on quality as a modern brand, and…

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Do I need professional images for my product?
Product photographer Amazon

Do I need professional images for my product?

Do I need professional images for my product? Every marketer knows that photos are important but it’s not a matter of just slinging any image onto your website and reaping the rewards. By ANDON ZHELYAZKOV If your product shots aren’t crisp, clear and coupled with the right background, you won’t get the desired effect. In fact, a poor image could be more detrimental than having no photos at all.A product photographer knows the power of the picture. And high quality really does matter.The process starts with flawless photography, with immaculate attention on every tiny detail. The right camera angles, professional lighting, the correct depth of field - it all contributes to creating a sharp and precise image.But before the product photography can begin, the staging needs to be considered. What this looks like will depend on your product and where you plan on selling. Some sites such as Amazon require images with a white background, while others such as Etsy encourage sellers to show off their branding.A white background is much harder to achieve than it sounds, especially if your product is light-coloured. If the balance of lighting isn’t exactly right, your background will appear to be a dirty grey - something no-one wants to see!Product photography harnesses a combination of lighting, software and skill to create images with a crisp white background.For those websites which allowed a themed setting, your product photographer will create that too. Art design is an integral part of the role and your photographer will incorporate clever props to maximise the effect of your product…

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Photo Party Ideas

Best Photo Party Ideas Want to convince your boss that a photo party would be ideal for your next big corporate event? Here are a few things that might convince them to bring in a professional photographer. Table of Contents Red Carpet Events Having a red carpet complete with a professional photographer at your corporate events might seem a little over the top at first, but when you think about it. It's a great way to show clients a good time, make them feel important, and get lots of excellent images for your company social media account.Clients love to feel important, and there’s nothing that says important like the rolling out of a red carpet Having a professional photographer there to snap their photos like they’re at the Oscars is just the icing on the cake. Photo Areas Having a photo area for the party you’re planning is a great way to eject some fun into the evening. Guests will love hanging out having their photos taken with the boss, their best clients and each other, and it will be a great way to commemorate the receiving of awards, speeches or important anniversaries such as retirements or mergers.  These images can then be used on websites or social media to showcase your company and the people who work there. Showing behind-the-scenes images can help to make your company seem more “human” so to speak. This type of photo activities can encourage customers and clients to build a closer bond with your brand, so hiring a professional photographer for such events will…

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What does the corporate photographer need to know when you request a photography service?

What does the corporate photographer need to know when you request a photography service? If you’re looking for a corporate photographer in London, it’s natural to scour the Internet and to explore options. You want the best quality photographs for your event, and you want to find a company that will provide the services you’re searching for. If you have ideas in mind, and you’re looking for quotes, we strongly recommend putting together a brief that provides us with detailed information about exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for an event photographer, here’s a handy guide to what to include in your brief.  The date and place The date is crucial when it comes to finding a corporate photographer. The best photographers are in demand, and you want to make sure that you give yourself as much time as possible to secure your number one choice. If you send in a query, we can check the date immediately and get back to you to confirm that we’re free to take on the job.  Hire time, arrival time on site and anticipated itinerary/running order We understand that you want your event to run like clockwork. As professional photographers, planning is key, and we’ll always undertake preparations in advance to ensure that we know where we need to be at what time. It’s incredibly useful to us to know what time you’re arriving, what time you would like us to start and finish taking shots, and what is going to happen during the day. We want to be…

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Social media and Event photography

Social Media Posts and Professional Photographs of Events Event photography is something that can do a lot for identity branding applications, believe it or not. If you're looking to enhance the public's awareness of a brand, event photography can in actuality go a long way. It doesn't matter if you want to promote an event before it takes place. It doesn't matter if you're interested in post-event promotion, either, Photography can make a massive impact.Photographing events can strengthen social media content significantly. Modern society is highly visual-oriented. It becomes more so by the day as well. People devote so much time to looking intently at the screens of their mobile devices, laptop computers and desktop computers. That's the reason that things that aren't visual in nature often fail to catch their interests. If you want to spread the word about any kind of event, the assistance of top-quality images can be priceless. Professional photographs can make an enormous difference. If a person who is browsing Facebook or Twitter notices an image of an event that's clear and defined, it may just encourage him to try to find out more Social network posts that are equipped with images of all kinds tend to get more "likes" and responses in general. Posts that are devoid of images and visuals in general often get dismissed swiftly, and understandably so. Contemporary society is fast-paced. People frequently scroll through their social network feeds rapidly and in absentminded manners as they're drinking coffee in the morning or taking quick breaks in between work assignments. That's why…

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English International Super Cup – Manchester

English International Super Cup We had the pleasure to be a part and to take images at the English International Super Cup, which took place in Manchester. With over 118 teams attending the event, this tournament is getting bigger and bigger. There are were teams from the United States of America, Canada, Greece, Ireland...On the day we were offering personalised sports portraits for all team members.To see your images please visit: password - access, please use the password to access the fixtures (from TTD app).Find more information about our services Event photography in Manchester.Photo 8 provides club sports photography and if you are planning awards night for your members give us a call at 07977111073 or drop us a message from our contact page.

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Green Screen Photography London – Gatwick Aviation Museum

Green Screen Photography London - Gatwick Aviation Museum Photo 8 had the pleasure to be part of the Gatwick Aviation Museum Fun Day. We provided green screen studio with instant prints on the day. The guests had a choice from four different backgrounds - Canadian Rockies, Eiffel Tower, Burj Al Arab, and Colosseum. We are proud to call us the UK green screen specialists and with 16 years of experience, you will be in safe hands. If you are looking for an event photographer to provide green screen photo service for your event, get in touch today to discuss your project and how can we help. Reserve Your Date Today Your event deserves the very best photo coverage. Reserve Now

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Corporate Photographer Manchester
corporate party photographer

Corporate Photographer Manchester

Corporate Photographer ManchesterTelling the visual story of your event. Previous Next Corporate Photographer Manchester Your deserves dynamic corporate photography. You’ve invested (heavily) in your corporate event – and beyond cold hard cash, there’s been huge time commitments made by you and your teams. Together you’ve sourced and managed multiple suppliers, organised equipment, and scoured many establishments to find the perfect venue. Not to mention the marketing and the logistical challenge leading from RSVP, to attendees arriving on the night.Events – from product launches to meetings…We’ve shot, serialised and captured them allWith 16 years in the industry, we’ve been commissioned to photograph an endless number of events. In the business world this includes: corporate functions; product launches; seminars; brand launches; corporate events; corporate headshots; PR events; Award ceremonies Conferences Looking for more info, visit our event photography service in Manchester. What We Offer Roaming Photography The roaming photographer is perfect for occasions and activation where a stationary studio won’t work Green Screen Photography Transform your event into something magical through our green screen photo service. We have backgrounds to suit your event or we can use a backdrop provided by you. Contact us today for more information. Instant Print on-site Event photography with instant printing on-site is for any type of event. Photo 8 providing on-site photo printing for corporate and private clients. We print your photos for less than 10 seconds. Social Media Sharing We all know the power of Social Media. Let your guests share their branded images for increasing brand awareness. Pop-up Studio Fully equipped mobile/pop-up studio perfect for Black-tie nights, Awards, Charity events. We can offer private…

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Corporate Event Photographer Newcastle

Green Screen PhotographyClick HereDance Photography Corporate Event Photographer Newcastle Roaming Photographer Mobile / Pop up Studio GIF Animation Social Media Share On-site printing Green Screen Event Photography Newcastle Party photographer Newcastle Green Screen Newcastle Event Photographer in Newcastle Capturing the atmosphere and interaction of your event – moment by moment For corporate clients and private individuals, big businesses and small families, we seek out the visually striking moments – those that define your evening and make it memorable. In-between these moments are interactions between your guests – the conversations and laughter – the meeting of future friends and forging of fresh business connections. This is what will define the atmosphere of your event – the spirit of the evening. From speeches to toasts, auctions to team work, we create vibrant, crisp images of your event – from start to finish. Events – from product launches to meetings… We’ve shot, serialised and captured them all With 16 years in the industry, we’ve been commissioned to photograph an endless number of events. In the business world this includes: Corporate functions Product launches Award ceremonies Conferences Corporate headshots PR events Corporate Functions Party Dance Instant printing on-site Green screen Shall we cut to the chase? Let us tell you (and show you) why we should be your event photographers in Newcastle Beyond our talents, equipment and experience in event photography, our approach is every bit as important as to why clients choose us. The single most important influence on our photography begins with listening to your needs – this creates a laser-precise focus on…

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Event photography instant printing on-site | London | UK

Event Photography Printing on-site It's More Than Just a Picture We know you're still planning your event and details may change, but let's start the planning TODAY, as we want you to have a successful event. High-quality prints branded photos Backup equipment No hidden fees Event photography with instant printing on-site photos are for any event — Photo 8 providing on-site photo printing for corporate and private clients. With the latest wireless technology and photography equipment, we can have each photo branded and printed for less than ten seconds.Our instant photography printing station can print approximately 350 prints per hour. If you are planning a significant event, Photo 8 can set up as many printing stations as need along with professional photographers. Also, we can provide individual password protected online gallery and social media sharing kiosk for your guests and customers.The print quality is the best in the industry, and we are using the latest professional printers and software such as Mitsubishi and DNP dye sublimation printers.Impress your guests or conference delegates with instant onsite photos at your event. The WOW factor is guaranteed. Below is a selection of brands and companies that we have worked with. Previous Next Tell Us About Your Event Free Enquire On-Site Printing - Special Events Conferences Social Events Exhibitions Private Celebrations​ Celebrity Nights Product and Film Launch Party Planning an event and need event photography printing onsite service? Find out what you need to know when hiring Print On-site Photography Service. Visit FAQ What are the benefits of Instant Printing? There is nothing like…

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