Green screen photography for Parties

In recent years, green screen photography has become one of the newest and most popular types of photography out there. Our brains are filled with all sorts of stories: memories, dreams, fantasies-anything we’ve seen or imagined at any point in our lives. These stories can be told by using a green screen photographer to create an imaginary background for your subject to place themselves against. The possibilities are endless! Here are some things you can do with this type of photography: take photos before the party starts and use them as a storyboard; take pictures during the event itself and then share them on social media, or have guests pose in front of different backgrounds that match their personalities (examples include a beach scene for someone who loves surfing).

5 ways to make your parties more memorable with green screen photography.

1. Stand in front of a green screen to take individual or group photos before the party. You can then use these photos as your profile pictures and set a theme for the party based on the photo’s background!

2. Take unlimited green screen photos with any background to remember the event. Turn up to the next level by uploading your photos to an online gallery!

3. Take your guests by surprise with a green screen photo booth! Have props on hand and dress in costume, and you’ll have all the memories captured together in one shot.

4. Dress up as one of the characters from your party’s theme and get your guests involved by asking them to dress up too. This will make for an interesting green screen studio and people will be talking about your party for weeks to come.

5. Get images online as soon as possible! Once the photos have been taken, a wide number of photo editing software programs are available to edit these images so you can add unique touches that really capture the overall theme or feel of the party!

Watch this video with more ideas:

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