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If you’re looking for green screen photography companies to help you with your corporate event, private party or any other function, look no further. Our green screen photographer will not only be experienced at getting background images green-screened accurately and quickly but will also have an eye for composition (green screens are notoriously tricky at the best of times) and will be able to use the green screen to create an image that you’ll have no problem in publishing.

Green screen photography is becoming increasingly important as businesses look for new and exciting ways of advertising, showcasing their goods and services, promotional events, and social media use.

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Green Screen Photographer for Events

The Green Screen Photography or Chroma key is a wonderful piece of technology using a green background, which means we can take your photograph and add any background scene. We come along to your event with our Green Screen Photography, set it up, take and print the photographs instantly. We can include social media kiosks for your guests to share their images, too. It’s as simple as that.

Thinking about the possibilities to use green screens is like thinking about everything you can do with your imagination. With this digital photography technology, you are not limited to what’s in front of you-you’re only limited by your imagination. That means that it’s possible to create any environment or image imaginable, from space to underwater scenes and anything else in between!

Green Screen Photography is for fun and more serious events. We can provide whatever photography green screen background is suitable for your requirements and help you to create memorable photographs. See green screen FAQ.

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Photographs are always something people keep, and if you put on an event to promote your products or services, the green screen will enable you to take pictures with your products in the background. You can then use the photographs to create a marketing campaign that will get your brand noticed and, most importantly, remembered. It is a brilliant marketing tool. If your clients have had a good time at a Green Screen Event, they will be more receptive to your advertising or email publications. 

Corporate events can sometimes be awkward when people don’t know each other very well, so Green Screen photography is a great way to make people laugh and break the ice. Relaxed people are more productive, so rather than sitting around the table, drinking coffee, and reading name tags, get everyone into the Photography Green Screen Studio for some fun, and the rest of the day will surely be a great success. 

Wedding photographs can also benefit from the Green Screen treatment, especially at the reception. It’s a great gift to give to your guests, and it makes a nice change from the formality.

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Kid’s parties are another way to enjoy Green Screen Photography. Imagine how much your kids would enjoy seeing a photo of themselves alongside their favourite Disney character or pop star. It will keep them amused, and they will all have a brilliant party present to take home.

If you’re organising a fundraiser, the Green Screen Studio can help you create photographs to get your project noticed by photos printed on-site or shared on a social media platform.  You can get people talking by picking out a background that matches your theme.

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Green screen photographer for events and Parties
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Corporate green screen photography

Creating a photo diary of your baby can be done by using Green Screen technology. Record all those little milestones with a themed background, and when your children ask you what their favourite toys, films, and foods were when they were small, you’ve got the answers in your photographs.

School photographs will look a lot more interesting with a Green Screen background, fashion shows and PR events.

Hiring a green screen photographer for your event is an affordable way to give that little bit extra. It can be just for fun, creating a lasting memory, or putting your business on the map.

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FAQ - Green screen studio

Every event is different and requires an individual approach. For a quick no obligation advice what space you will need for your event give us a call at 07977111073 or drop us a message on our contact page

We need minimum one 13A electricity socket.

We can instantly print – 2″ x 4″; 4″ x 6″; 5″ x 7″; 6″ x 6″; 6″ x 8″; 9″ x 6″ and 8″ x 10/12″

Yes, we do. We use strut mounts and protected bags for all photographs.

For 4″ x 6″ prints we can print approx. 360 prints per hour with one printer, if required more prints to be printed, we will set up a second studio.

Yes, we hold 5 000 000 PL insurance. If you need a copy of the certificate, we will send it to you.

We cover – London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the UK and Europe. YES, we work in central London, too.

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