Best Photo Party Ideas

Want to convince your boss that a photo party would be ideal for your next big corporate event? Here are a few things that might convince them to bring in a professional photographer.

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Red Carpet Events

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Red carpet events photography

Having a red carpet complete with a professional photographer at your corporate events might seem a little over the top at first, but when you think about it. It’s a great way to show clients a good time, make them feel important, and get lots of excellent images for your company social media account.

Clients love to feel important, and there’s nothing that says important like the rolling out of a red carpet Having a professional photographer there to snap their photos like they’re at the Oscars is just the icing on the cake.

Photo Areas

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Having a photo area for the party you’re planning is a great way to eject some fun into the evening. Guests will love hanging out having their photos taken with the boss, their best clients and each other, and it will be a great way to commemorate the receiving of awards, speeches or important anniversaries such as retirements or mergers. 


These images can then be used on websites or social media to showcase your company and the people who work there. Showing behind-the-scenes images can help to make your company seem more “human” so to speak. This type of photo activities can encourage customers and clients to build a closer bond with your brand, so hiring a professional photographer for such events will be money well spent.

Roaming Photographers

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Photo party ideas


When it comes to getting images for social media share purposes, hiring a roaming photographer who can capture the action as it unfolds is ideal. They can get a great mix of candid and formal shots and giving the corporate event a more fun feel. This photo party idea can be particularly useful for brand launches where you need to build a buzz around your brand. The photos can be uploaded as-is, edited to look more polished or even turned into GIF animations depending on your needs.

Instant Prints

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Having the ability to create instant prints at your event is one of those photo party ideas that should not be ignored. It provides a fun form of entertainment in and of itself, and it gets guests to mingle and have a great time posing for images both silly and serious depending on the tone.

Lots of Fun

Of course, one of the most important factors that should help you sell your boss on photo party ideas is the fact that it is much fun. Most bosses want their corporate events, whether it’s a launch party, leaving do or awards evening, to go well. They want their guests to have a good time, and this is something that can be achieved by creating a buzz with a professional event photographer and a few props like dressing up outfits, prop awards, depending on the occasion.

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