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Product photography, that sales your products.

Why choose Photo8 for professional product photography?

Outstanding product photography is a vital part of running a business – but it’s important to work with a high quality, experienced product photographers who understands how to shoot product packshots, create excellent portfolio photographs, and photograph your products in the right style.

At, we work with the very best studio and camera equipment to create your product shots – but our expertise goes far beyond technical skill. We understand what customers are looking for when they see your images – so we’ll also work with you to make sure your images are perfect for the intended application.

Of course, it’s not just studio product photography we provide. We can also shoot amazing lifestyle product photography and location shots, so if you’re looking for a catalogue photographer – we can provide the locations and art direction needed to capture your products in the very best light.

A good product photographer can transform your business

  • 90% of the information sent to your customer’s brain is visual.
  • An item with a professional product image will get 94% more views than one that doesn’t.
  • 63% of consumers say good images are more important than product descriptions.
  • The average person reads just 20% of a web page – but views every image.

Visual decision making is real. Quite simply, if you’re not using exceptional product photography, your business is missing out.

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Get ahead of your competitors

Who does product photography work for?

Don’t be fooled into thinking only certain industries benefit from product photography. A good commercial product photographer will take any item to new heights.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating an e-commerce store, blogging as a brand, putting together a new menu, selling on Amazon, or preparing a marketing campaign; product photography will set you apart from the crowd.

Our commercial photography experience includes:

  • A huge range of products – from vehicles to jewellery
  • Product packshots
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • E-commerce
  • Amazon product photography (white background)
  • Food photography
  • Advertising photography

Whatever you sell, we’ll turn it into a work of art. And when we do, you’ll see social shares increase, boosted engagement, reduced returns, and significantly increased order numbers.

We focus on customer service

We’re proud to deliver world-class product photography – but we’re equally proud to provide exceptional customer service when we work with clients on photography projects.

It’s not difficult to find a product shot photographer who’ll turn up, capture your product images, then send the files a few weeks later – but when you work with Photo8, you get much more.

We start by understanding you, your business, and your products. What kind of images are you using now? What are you using product photography for? What would you like photography to add to your marketing efforts or customer experience?

With these ideas, we’ll be able to create high quality product photography services that fit your needs exactly. We’ll work around your requirements; in a timescale that suits you and your goals.

Don’t settle for a product photographer that provides the bare minimum – work with a product photography business that delivers exactly what you need.

What can product photography bring to your business?

The idea of attractive photography might appeal to your sense of design and aesthetics – but beyond looking good, what does a great photographer offer?

A great photographer will help you build customer knowledge

Did you know that including a picture of a dish next to the item on a menu will increase its orders by 30%?

The message is simple – we buy with our eyes – so if you want to give your customers the knowledge they need to make informed purchases, you need a photographer who can produce quality pictures.

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The right photographer can help you increase conversions.

What do your customers see when they land on your company website?

Sure, professional copy is important – but online, images speak louder than words.

We already know 63% of people say good images are more important than detailed product descriptions – but did you know 53% of us consider images to be more important than ratings or reviews?

If you’ve got traffic but you’re not seeing those numbers turn into enquiries or orders, finding a good photographer to capture your products will send those conversion rates through the roof.

Working with a great photographer will lead to fewer returns.

It doesn’t matter which platform you use; if you’re an e-commerce brand, consumer law makes it necessary to offer refunds if a customer simply does not want what they’ve bought.

High-quality product photos will help you minimise your returns; because better visuals help your customers make more informed decisions.

If you’re seeing a lot of returned products, photography could be the problem solver you’re looking for.

A pro photographer can inspire better social media performance.

75% of Instagram users take action after seeing a product advertisement on the platform, and 43% of all consumers are influenced to make a purchase after seeing a product on Instagram.

In some industries, 96% of brands have social media accounts – so if you want to stand out and make sure your products are in front of the right people, you’ve got to have great visuals.

Working with an experienced photographer is the best way to make the right impression. If social media could be performing better for your brand, we can help with everything from product packshots to professional lifestyle shots featuring your products.

The right photographer will help you boost brand awareness.

Brand awareness is all about imprinting your company or products on people’s minds.

The most effective way to do that? With outstanding commercial photography.

When information is simply read, the average customer can recall only 10% of that message three days later. However, if that text is paired with professional product photography, 65% of the information is retained three days later.

If you want your products or services to stick in peoples’ minds and be the go-to solution they turn to; you need a talented photographer to create an amazing image.

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Whether you’re ready to get moving with your next project – you’d just like to hear a little more about what we can offer, get in touch today.

Remember, 63% of your customers think sellers’ images are more important than descriptions: It’s time to make your products stand out.

Sale more with eye-catching Quality images.