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Dance is one of the most expressive art forms there is, whether it is the ballroom, line or ballet variety. Almost for as long as people have been walking the earth, dance has played an important role in the way we communicate, socialise and relax. Dance photography is almost a direct extension of the art, capturing the fluidity and grace of the performer and the action of the dance itself. Our dance photographers know how to get the best photographs.

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Dance photography

Performing art Photography service can be applied in two distinct ways, depending on the occasion and your individual needs. We can, of course, take action shots of the performance – perfectly capturing your favourite dancer or that of the entire ensemble. Individual and group shots can be created and processed in much the same manner, losing none of the life or energy of the production. Blur-free action photography is a speciality here at Photo 8 – event photographers, so you can rest easy knowing that your shots are going to turn out perfectly. In fact, with our on-site printing process, you will be able to see in a matter of seconds!
The second way we can make this an extra special event is by providing an on-site photography studio. We will turn up at the venue, completely free of charge, and set up our studio together with up to 10 viewing stations. Still, photographs of individuals, or groups, can then be provided and printed right there. You needn’t worry about studio location, in terms of power, either because we can bring our own low-noise power supply. Individual dance photographs like these are easily transformed into treasured memories, as well as helping to add to the source material for promotional websites, flyers and advertisements. If the mobile studio is an option for you, then why take advantage of our green screen technology too? We can provide any background that you could need, so if you like the idea of one your dancers pirouetting against a backdrop of gorgeous red velvet curtains… Consider it done.
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Whatever the dance or occasion, the elegance of it all is something that manages to transcend printed media in a way that few other performances can. That said, the print is only as good as the dance photographer and Photo 8 is among the best in the industry. Our dance photographers care about the things that you care about, and we strive to make every photo shoot a memorable one. Because we care about the people that we work with, we will also help you with your fundraising efforts if that is what your event is about. Just give us a call and ask about the Fundraising Program.

Our dance photographers cover London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow

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