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Corporate Event Photography - London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh

Corporate event photography service by Photo8, for your corporate event, are much more than just taking a few photographs of your speakers or dinner guests. We firmly believe that corporate event photography is about a few simple points:


Corporate event photography Photo 8 Event Photography
Conference photography
Corporate event photography Photo 8 Event Photography
Corporate photographer
Corporate event photography Photo 8 Event Photography
Corporate event photographer

Our corporate event photography service

We use only the best photographic equipment for your event because we believe that to capture the very best shots, and immortalise the key moments, skimping on the quality of the equipment means skimping on the quality of the photographs themselves. Obviously, this is not acceptable for you and so it is not acceptable for us.

Our mobile photo studio with instant printing on-site can help add to the excitement of the event, especially if you are organising a corporate fun day, by taking shots of your guests and capturing moments of engagement between them – even in a photography studio setting, people can quickly forget there is a camera!

Why hire professional photographers?

The corporate world has always been rather image conscious, but that is truer today than it has ever been. Social media has exploded over the past few years, and conveying a professional image is absolutely vital when, quite literally, you could have the world’s eyes on you and your event.

To get the very best message out, you need the very best in photographic services. This applies whether you are hosting a conference, a corporate dinner, a product launch or a gala night. You are not just representing yourself and your own business, but also those of your visitors and attendees.

Going the professional route, with Photo 8, means saying yes to the quality that professional photography can provide.

If you are, in fact, hosting or organising a corporate event, why not ask us about our green screen photography too! Absolutely perfect for corporate events, our green screen photo shoots can put your guests in front of any background that you can imagine. This also works very well if you want to take photographs as part of an ongoing marketing campaign.

If you anxious to see how your shots have turned out, they can be instantly printed off and ready for viewing within mere seconds – so you don’t have to wait around any longer than is absolutely necessary.

We cover London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburg, Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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