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sport event photography
sport event photographer
Hockey photographer

From the London Marathon to Martial arts championships, sports photography is always a popular service for the participants, organisers, fans, and spectators. We all have our own fond sporting memories, regardless of that actual event was or who took part. Our professional photographers will take photos to remember.

There are a great many happy memories that can be captured, to be shared and enjoyed for many years. For your sports event, the sports photographers can capture every kick, goal, swing of a bat and each step taken. Whether it is capturing your local team in action, or you want something at your venue for your visitors.

We can cover the event in style benefitting the occasion. Some sporting events need to be photographed independently, and in the way that you want. From time to time, this might include getting the public involved too. From individual shots of the spectators to the ever popular group shot – capture it all, forever. Our sports photographers cover Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow events.

Event photographer for sports tournaments and club nights

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Dance photography
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Whatever the sports event, if it is important to you, the fans and those taking part then it is important to us too. Taking photographs of those special moments is what we do best; capturing a single moment, and helping to preserve it for many years to come. The resulting photographs can be used as more than keepsakes and mementoes, too.
Marketing campaigns, flyers, magazines… there is no end to the possibilities that a professional shot can bring to the foreground.
When we turn up to the event, completely free of charge, our printing services come with us. Photographs can be printed in a matter of seconds, so nobody is kept waiting for their images and the next person in line can move forward for their own photo.

Don’t worry about location either, as we will bring our low-noise power generator. This will power our mobile studio and our printing process. Working in this way, we can attend any event at any location – from 100,000 seater stadiums to the local playing fields; our completely mobile photography studios can be there.
If your event is a fundraiser, be sure to let us know about it and we can even help you with your fundraising efforts on the day.
For more information about sports event photography, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation chat about what you need and how we can help you.

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